Questions about the event

Contact Cindy Henderson at  or 970-319-0513.


Event registration is $155.00 per team.    

Registration fee includes:   Lift Ticket, Event T-shirt & Hat;                                                 Dinner and Awards Ceremony;                                                 Event After Party.

Registration Opens January 1, 2020

Show your support for the Sunlight Ski Patrol while challenging yourself to see how many of Sunlight's extreme runs you and a friend can complete in 10 hours. 

Proceeds from the event are split between the Sunlight Ski Patrol and the family of a fallen NSP patroller.    This year's benefactor is the family of Joe Zuiches. 

Interested in Volunteering

Contact Michelle Eisenring at or 970-948-4132

   Past recipients

Mark Gage

John Clauson

Rocky Scott Miles

Jesse Williams

​Dave Repsher

most laps completed

       2012  Dan Sprick/Jake Wolfe

       2013  Jessica Gerstner/Mark Robbins

       2014  Sam Fuller/Tom Brunner

       2015  Ian Sandrey/Tanner Neil

​       2016  Tom Brunner/Bobbi Lombardi  

       2017   Garrett Jolley/Nick Fetchik         

How many of Sunlight's 40 most challenging runs can you and a partner complete in 10 hours?    

Registration is now open!

March 6, 2020

are you up for the challenge?


Sunlight Ski Patrol