Sunlight Ski Patrol

most laps completed

       2012  Dan Sprick/Jake Wolfe

       2013  Jessica Gerstner/Mark Robbins

       2014  Sam Fuller/Tom Brunner

       2015  Ian Sandrey/Tanner Neil

​       2016  Tom Brunner/Bobbi Lombardi  

       2017   Garrett Jolley/Nick Fetchik         

How many of Sunlight's 40 most challenging runs can you and a partner complete in 10 hours?    

Defiance Challenge

The 2018 Defiance Challenge has been cancelled due to snow conditions.   
Please join us next year, March 1, 2019!

March 1, 2019

are you up for the challenge?

Past receipents

Mark Gage

John Clauson

Rocky Scott Miles

Jesse Williams

​Dave Repsher