Sunlight Ski Patrol

Sunlight Beacon Park brought to you by 

Sunlight Volunteer Ski Patrol

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For more information stop by Patrol Headquarters at the top of Primo Lift!

Beacon Park Rules


      *Scuff probe holes

      *Return probe poles

      *Turn off beacons and main power switch

      *Close pelican case

      *Latch door

Please note:  Digging is not permitted!  We respectfully ask that users not dig up practice targets as the practice park is setup only as a search and locate system.   There are no actual beacons buried. 

What is an Avalanche Beacon Park?

It is a beacon training park designed for back/side country enthusiasts to practice simulated avalanche searches using their own beacons/transceivers and probe.  The BCA wireless beacon training park has 8 transmitters/targets and can be setup for single or multiple scenarios.

Where is the Beacon Training Park?

The beacon park is located in The Parks, off Grizzly, on the eastside of Sunlight Mountain Resort.

When is the Beacon Training Park open?

The training park is intended to be available for use once Sunlight Mountain Resort is open for the season.  It is a self-serve system, with directions for different scenarios located at the main control station.

Sunlight Beacon Park is open!